District of Dachau: Housing department is being expanded – Dachau

The seven communities that have been part of the Caritas project since 2020 have extended their contract indefinitely. Bergkirchen is now also a new addition.

Since September 2020, Caritas has been offering the housing department in the municipalities of Erdweg, Haimhausen, Markt Indersdorf, Schwabhausen, Röhrmoos, Vierkirchen and Weichs to prevent homelessness. After two years of the project, all the communities involved are convinced: the specialist office is a complete success. Therefore, the contract with Caritas has now been extended indefinitely.

Since January 2023, the municipality of Bergkirchen has also joined the contract and is co-financing the housing department, so that Caritas has been able to expand the counseling hours and make the offer accessible to Bergkirchen citizens. In addition to Isabel Saltzis, who has worked in the housing department from the start, Doris Mayr has been part of the team of advisors since January 2023.

“Our goal is to prevent homelessness”

With a wide range of advice and support services, the housing department for preventing homelessness is aimed at all tenants and landlords from the participating communities and provides support on various topics relating to existing and future tenancies. According to a press release, those affected can contact the advice center if they are in arrears with rent payments, have received a notice of termination or an eviction notice, or are concerned about losing their living space for other reasons. A current issue is rising ancillary costs and back payments for ancillary costs, and the housing department also provides support here.

“Our goal is to keep existing tenancies and prevent homelessness,” says Saltzis. Tenants and landlords are supported in “finding a good solution for all parties involved”. And she emphasizes: It is never too late to take advantage of this advisory service. Nevertheless, experience has shown that early contact with the housing department increases the chances of success.

Telephone and personal consultations are offered in the Caritas centers Markt Indersdorf and Dachau. The “Fachstelle Wohnen” can be reached by telephone on 08136/1290 0 or 08131-298 1800 from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and Monday to Thursday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

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