DIRECT. Castres – Bordeaux-Bègles in Top 14: the CO in front at the break after a successful first half! Follow the match live

And three, for the first time this season, what’s more, against a championship leader? There is no shortage of tempting goals this Saturday, February 24 for Castres Olympique rugby players. The CO hosts Bordeaux-Bègles, in Pierre-Fabre, as part of the 19th day of Top 14 (5 p.m.).

Castres Olympique 20 – 7 Union Bordeaux-Bègles

40′. Half-time at Pierre-Fabre

Castres is logically in the lead at the break. Surprised by an early try from UBB, Jeremy Davidson’s team was able to get back on track thanks to their collective strength. Nakarawa distinguished himself on all fronts. Le Brun was very active and brought danger to the Bordeaux camp, but his approach to the foot deprived Castres of 7 precious points (one penalty, two failed conversions).

35′. Magnificent test of the CO!

And three for Castres! Starting from the left side, Nakarawa pierces the Bordeaux lines and transmits the ball with one hand, in the air, towards Goodhue. The first Castres marker transmits the oval, which passes from hand to hand to end up in the arms of Hulleu who dives at the last minute into the goal, resisting Uberti’s return. Le Brun misses his kick again by sending the ball to the Bordeaux left post.

31′. Second Castres try!

Following the scrum, the blue and white shift the ball to the left, Nakarawa makes the decisive pass for the essential Le Brun who concludes at the right end of the opposing camp. The latter takes care of the transformation without blinking this time.

29′. A UBB player on the ground

Jefferson Poirot remains on the ground for several seconds, being strapped by the medical staff but ends up getting up before a melee a few meters from the Bordeaux goal.

27′. New Bordeaux change

Taufa takes the place of Affane, whose profile will be used in the scrums.

21′. Castres regains the advantage!

Goodhue concludes a beautiful collective sequence in Castres where Nakawara and Papali’i shift the New Zealander who flattens to the left of the opposing goal. Le Brun fails to imitate his counterpart Garcia and fails to convert the try.

19′. Change for Bordeaux

After a clash with Papali’i, Petti is affected and gives way to Ricard

15′. UBB test!

Moustin was the first to flatten the ball in the match. Castres recovers the ball after a Bordeaux chistera attempt, but Nanette makes up for the mistake by stealing the ball from Aldron, he puts Moustin into orbit who rushes alone on the left wing to score the first five points of the match. Garcia transforms the try and gives the Gironde advantage even more.

11′. Louis Le Brun in his works

Castres recovers the oval following the UBB kick-off, Louis Le Brun pierces the Bordeaux lines and allows his block to advance. Before being able to conclude the action, the referee stops the game for a forward from Hulleu.

8′. First penalty for CO

On the first touch of the match this time, won by Castres, Petti made a mistake and caused a penalty, converted by Louis Le Brun 30 meters to the right of the Bordeaux posts.

3′. Castres launches hostilities

After the first scrum of the match which initially collapsed, Arata introduced then the blue and white circulated the ball to the right with the momentum of Papli’i.

5 p.m. Kick-off !

The referee Tual Trainini whistles the start of the match, the UBB players give the start.

4:45 p.m. The Bordeaux XV

Some changes after the defeat against the Palloise Section: Vili, Abadie, Tatafu and Tameifuna will start on the bench. Petti, Diaby, Nanette, Holmes and Affane have earned a starting place.

4:30 p.m. The composition of Castres Olympique

The team lined up today will be the same as that of the last match against Toulon.

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Discover the 2️⃣3️⃣ Olympians who will defend our colors tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. against UBB! \ud83d\udd35\u26aa\ufe0f

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