Diarrhea while running: These are the triggers and how to prevent them

Diarrhea when running – What triggers the problem and how you can counteract it

Stop because your stomach hurts. Many runners know this. Some even have to fight the bushes with diarrhea. Improper diet and medication can be the trigger.

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The subject is embarrassing for most. But many runners struggle with gastrointestinal problems. Stress, poor diet or medication can be triggers. How to prevent.

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Yes, it’s a difficult subject because there’s a lot of shame attached to it. But a look at the statistics shows how widespread it is. More than 40 percent of all runners say that they suffer from the urge to defecate during training or running. And 30 percent are plagued by diarrhea. Many stories of runs that ended in the bush or in which snow and leaves had to be used for personal hygiene can be found online and mostly anonymously. And even professionals are not protected from the complaints. The French walker and world record holder Yohann Diniz even wet his pants in an Olympic race a few years ago. He tried to clean himself with sponges, but then had to give up exhausted.

Diarrhea while running: Diet and stress play an important role

What is behind the widespread problem? And what can you do about it? The new episode of the podcast “She runs. He runs” deals with these and many more questions about digestion. So much can already be revealed here, the triggers are diverse. But stress and diet are important drivers. The body also has to take its toll on the strain of running. Because the muscles have to be supplied with more blood. In order to be able to do this, the blood flow to the digestive organs such as the stomach and intestines is drastically reduced. Consequences are abdominal pain, inflammation or even diarrhea.

Often, however, poor nutrition is also an important factor. Above all, the large amount of carbohydrates that some runners believe they have to consume puts a strain on the digestive organs. In addition, there are often energy bars with high-dose ingredients and sweeteners. A bad mixture that causes a lot of stress, especially in the intestines. Listen in!

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