Data loss remains: Recovery tools for Google Drive are often of no help

Recently, Google released a recovery tool that would allow users to recover their data lost due to a bug in version 84 of Google Drive. However, this seems “Solution”, as Google calls the tool, does not help some users. It is likely that users will now be stuck with their data loss permanently.

It was foreseeable that these problems would arise: Google already had them Declared at the end of November, only local changes that have not yet been synchronized with Drive are affected. As a result, the lost data never even reached the Google servers. A restore from the provider’s backups is therefore impossible.

The recovery tool is just an attempt to recover deleted files from users’ hard drive. If these have already been completely or partially overwritten, even Google’s tool cannot save the data.

Googles “Solution” meets with displeasure

They also fall accordingly the feedbacks in Google’s support forum. Some users complain there are just a part or none of the lost files were recovered. A user reportshe has Googles “Solution” received in advance by email. However, the recovery tool informed him that it had not found a backup.

“Now I have no prospect of a solution, and when I emailed the support team, I received an automatic response about how to find a file in the trash”, said the user. He lost important files as a result of the incident, including those from his master’s thesis and professional projects. “It is unacceptable that you pay for a cloud solution and the files simply disappear”he explains finally.

Another user, who is also a paying customer of Google Drive, complains about data loss of more than one TByte of photos and documents. He has implemented all the measures suggested by Google Support, but has not yet received a suitable solution from anyone.

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