Daniel Craig promotes vodka and goes viral on Tiktok – culture

Bond actor Daniel Craig prances through Paris for a brand of vodka. That’s indelicate, but makes something. Especially on Tiktok, the dance booster among social media.

Bet it’s only a matter of days before you see people walking backwards through doors, wading in knee-high water, hopping on rooftops? If not in real life, then on Tiktok, the dance booster among social networks. It’s quite possible that hundreds of thousands of 15- or 60-second clips will be presented there, emulating an illustrious role model: Nobody other than Daniel Craig has let himself be bought to advertise a vodka brand and has recently been dancing through Paris at night on YouTube. Past hordes of fans, into the noble hotel, up into the suite, where hard liquor awaits him in the mirrored bar tabernacle.

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