Coronavirus pandemic: ++ Incidence value rises to 83.1 ++

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Status: 05.09.2021 5:47 a.m.

In total, there have now been more than four million positive corona tests – the incidence value continues to rise. Brazil is withdrawing a Chinese vaccine. Current news about the coronavirus in the live blog.

  • Incidence value rises to 83.1 – a total of now more than four million tests positive
  • Brazilian authorities stop Chinese vaccine

05:47 am

The incidence value rises again

Over the course of Saturday, the offices submitted 10,453 new corona cases to the Robert Koch Institute. A week ago the value was 8416 infections. The seven-day incidence of new corona infections rose again: It is now 83.1 – the previous day the value was 80.7, a week ago it was 74.1. So far, the health authorities have reported a total of 4,005,641 infections.

According to the new information, 21 deaths were recorded across Germany within 24 hours. A week ago there were twelve deaths. The RKI stated the number of those who had recovered at 3,768,400. The number of people who died with or involving a proven Sars-CoV-2 infection rose to 92,346.

05:47 am

Japan: Vaccination cards for travel abroad

According to a media report, Japan wants to introduce vaccination cards for travel abroad. From December, travelers could install the digital vaccination cards with QR codes on their cell phones, reports the newspaper “Nikkei”.

05:47 am

Brazil: stop for Chinese vaccine

The Brazilian health authority Anvisa is suspending the use of more than twelve million doses of the corona vaccine developed by the Chinese Sinovac Biotech Ltd for 90 days.

According to information from the authority, the vaccination doses were manufactured in a facility that was not approved by Anvisa. Anvisa will try to inspect the facility. Another nine million vaccine doses from the same production facility are already on their way to Brazil.

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