Combs-la-Ville (Seine-Saint-Denis): the shocking video of a teacher attacked in class by a student

The video, relayed by all the French media, arouses a real stir.

Last Friday, Yacine, high school student in Combs-la-Ville in Seine-Saint-Denis, wishes to leave his classroom. “Wallah get away from my street”, “Hey the Koran, push yourself Madam”, he addresses in these terms to his teacher, who tries to dissuade him. But Yacine violently opens the door. As a result, his teacher is thrown to the ground.

Heavy penalties

This Monday, the video of this scene is relayed by all the French media and arouses a lively controversy on social networks. At the center of the debate, the authority of the teacher, young people from the suburbs and their place in the education system. And finally, this sequence, of which we still wonder how it could have been filmed. Not to mention the reactions in the classroom. Some students giggle, and no one to help the teacher.

For its part, the academy of Créteil strongly denounced aggression, while announcing wanting to file a complaint, according to BFM TV. The pupil, for his part, no longer has access to the establishment as a precautionary measure; whereas a disciplinary council must be convened. He exposes himself to heavy penalties.

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