Clusters in more than twenty campsites in Vendée

“The 4th wave is here, we must do everything to keep the dikes …”, announced this Thursday Jean-Jacques Coiplet, director of the regional health agency of Pays-de-la-Loire (ARS). In the region, the situation is especially worrying in the two coastal departments: Loire-Atlantique and Vendée. The incidence rate in Pays-de-la-Loire has now reached 76.1 new positive coronavirus cases per 100,000 inhabitants, but it is 104.5 in Loire-Atlantique and 94.1 in Vendée (46.2 for the Maine-et-Loire, 37.8 for Mayenne and 44.6 in Sarthe). In the region, the incidence rate has increased eightfold and the positivity rate (number of people tested positive) sixfold since June 25. “We have never seen such a rapid increase…”, admitted Jean-Jacques Coiplet.

Summer camps and recreation centers also affected

The places with a high concentration of people in the two coastal departments worry the authorities. Twenty-two campsites in Vendée are thus affected by clusters, with 89 positive cases, including 62 organizers and 27 holidaymakers. “The animators and seasonal jobs in the campsites, who are often not vaccinated, are very affected. There are also 21 positive cases in a campsite near Guérande in Loire-Atlantique. The Delta variant has become the ultra-majority for all these cases (more than 90%). The leisure centers and colonies of Vendée, Loire-Atlantique and Maine-et-Loire are also affected with around ten positive cases.

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