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Elizabeth Hurley, 58, actress, doesn’t allow her adult son to watch TV during the day. Damian Hurley, 22, director, has been living with his mother in the country again since the Corona lockdown. “I’ve always had, as they say, a very annoying mommy rule in the house,” the British woman now said People-Magazine. “We are never allowed to turn on the television before 6 p.m.” She was just in front of the camera for her son’s directorial debut. During the joint film project, mother and son tried to “work all day, but at 6 p.m. we go to the TV room,” said Hurley.

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Hilary Duff, 36, actress, made a “wild decision.” These are the words the American uses to describe herself on Instagram her fourth pregnancy. In the post, she thanks her husband Matthew Koma, 36, songwriter, for taking the older children to the farmers’ market so she could get some sleep without the constant calls of “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mammmi, Maaaaaammmiii.” to be woken up. “Why can I sleep during the day and not at night so late in my pregnancy?” she asks. Duff and Koma have two daughters, 3 and 5. Duff also has a twelve-year-old son from his marriage to Mike Comrie, hockey player.

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The Duc Ngo, 49, top chef, dreams of a German restaurant. So far, the Berliner has primarily served Asian fusion cuisine. “I love German cuisine, especially northern German cuisine. I would like to take it to a level that makes it exciting to eat German again,” Ngo told the German Press Agency. “Many German dishes are often braised or cooked for a long time. How do I get people to find it cool, hip and light again?” he asks himself. Ngo came to Germany from Vietnam in 1979 and runs 14 restaurants. He fondly remembers the food in his kindergarten days in Berlin-Spandau – he always liked pea stew, for example.

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Frank Zander, 82, pop singer, wants to celebrate his recovery in Berlin’s Olympic Stadium. Four months after his head operation, according to his son, he wants to appear in public again for the first time – at a Hertha BSC soccer game. “Vadder is doing much better and he will be with me in the stadium on April 12th,” his son Marcus Zander told the German Press Agency. The second division team will play against Hansa Rostock on Friday. “It’s actually the first time Vadder has ever appeared in public again.” The entertainer will not sing the Hertha anthem yet. “He’s not fit enough for that. But that will come soon.”

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