By congratulating Milei, Macron insists on “sustainable economic development”

Like many leaders, Emmanuel Macron congratulated the ultraliberal polemicist Javier Milei on Monday for his election the day before to the presidency of Argentina. The tenant of the Élysée also took the opportunity to remind him of “the importance of global issues” after controversial positions taken by his new counterpart.

During a telephone interview, the French president underlined “the friendship, based on common values, which binds the French and Argentine people,” said the Elysée. He also insisted “on the importance he attached to global issues, the protection of biodiversity and the energy transition, now essential for sustainable economic development”.

Statements reminiscent of Donald Trump

Popular on TV sets for years, but emerged in politics two years ago, Javier Milei, promised to make Argentina “a world power” again, not without recalling the slogans of Donald Trump.

He became known for his controversial ideas, such as the deregulation of the sale of arms, his opposition to abortion or his declarations on climate change, which according to him is a “cycle”, not “a responsibility of the man “.

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