Bundeskunsthalle Bonn counts one picture too many in the exhibition

Unknown addition: Bundeskunsthalle counts one picture too many when an exhibition is dismantled

This painting found its way into a Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn in an as yet unknown way

© Twitter / Bundeskunsthalle

The exhibition “Who We Are” in the Bundeskunsthalle Bonn ended on Sunday. When dismantling it, the curators were surprised by an unknown painting that had been hanging there – and now they are looking for the artist.

When dismantling an exhibition that has ended in the At the Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn, curators counted one more picture than they had originally hung. They assume that an unknown person smuggled the small portrait of a woman into the exhibition unnoticed. “We think this is funny and would like to get to know the artist,” wrote the Bundeskunsthalle on X. “So get in touch! There will be no trouble. Word of honor.”

Exhibition curator Johanna Adam told the German Press Agency that she could only speculate as to how the picture ended up in the exhibition. “The picture isn’t particularly big, so someone could have hidden it under their sweater.” In any case, it could have only happened in the last few days, otherwise it would have been noticed earlier.

No security guards at the location where the painting was found in the Bundeskunsthalle

“Because the work was placed in a corner where no other works of art were installed – there were listening stations and wall texts and photos as wall graphics – there was no need for security guards at this point,” says Adam. The exhibition “Who We Are,” which ended on Sunday, dealt with German migration history.


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