Boris Becker has to go to prison – Panorama

Sometimes at the top, sometimes at the bottom, that’s how it’s always been in Boris Becker’s life. Now he’s at the bottom again, he has to go to jail. A tragedy? But. A tragedy.


Holger Gertz

Remembering an interview with Boris Becker a few years ago on the roof terrace of a hotel in Paris. He was at the French Open as Novak Djokovic’s coach, he was supposed to make the almost perfect Serb a little more perfect, that was his job. It was going just fine. If Becker’s life is a journey on a roller coaster – and who would seriously doubt that – he was just back on top. He’d been downstairs a few times before, the women, the money, the broom closet, everyone knows the stories, he’d just appeared on a TV show with a silly hat with fly swatters sticking out right and left. A tragedy? But. A tragedy. Boris Becker, Wimbledon winner, one of the few world stars who grew up in German sport – when someone looks like Widow Bolte, who got lost on cheap television, it’s a tragedy.

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