Bicycle trends 2024: Tools that no tour should be without

Mountain bike, racing bike, e-bike – cycling is healthy and fun. Especially if the equipment is right. 13 smart bike tools that will be popular in 2024.

The bicycle was one of the big winners of the corona pandemic. According to the Two-Wheeler Industry Association (ZIV), 5.04 million bicycles were sold in Germany in 2020 E-bikes sold. According to ZIV, this is almost 17 percent more than in 2019. An increase that other industries can only dream of. Two-wheelers are the means of transport of the 2020s, and not just for the sake of the environment. In the post-pandemic years of 2021 and 2022, the bicycle boom stalled somewhat, which was also due to delivery bottlenecks. Exciting: In 2022, e-bikes accounted for almost half of all bicycles sold.

So that you can start the coming bike season carefree, we have them Bicycle trend tools 2024 collected. From the mobile bike stand to the recycled bike bag for the luggage rack to the bell with theft protection.

1. E-air pump

Classic air pumps are bulky and somehow unwieldy. Clamping them into the frame at the seat or top tube only works with very few bikes. Mini pumps can at least be stored in a backpack. However, very few of the small pumps are really powerful. In addition, you usually get to pumping properly yourself. The solution: a portable e-air pump like the Xiaomi model. The tool is nothing more than a compressor in mini format. The tire is inflated at the push of a button. The pressure can be checked via a digital display. One battery charge should be enough for eight tires. The tool is delivered with all common adapters and a small bag. Here you can find the mobile compressor from Xiaomi.

2. Foldable bicycle helmet

The bicycle helmet is the most important tool next to the bike. He should not be missing from any tour. But where should you put your head protection when you get to the lake or park? It takes up a lot of space in your backpack. When hung on the handlebars, it is easy prey for thieves. Closca has developed a helmet that can be folded up after use. According to the manufacturer, the 400 gram “loop” complies with the applicable safety standards EN1078 and CPSC. It can be folded into a practical format in no time at all, so that even more can fit in the backpack than just the bicycle helmet. The “Loop” is of course also suitable for kids who prefer scooters or inline skates to their bikes. Here you can find the “Loop” from Closca.

3. Saddle bag for gravel bikes

Gravel bikes are the bikes of summer 2023. The agile and stylish bikes with racing livery are currently experiencing a boom. The hybrid of a cross bike and a racing bike is a true all-rounder. Gravel bikes are the perfect companion both in everyday life and on longer tours (flat or mountainous). Rovativ has developed a saddle bag specifically for gravel bikes. The backloader holds 10 liters and is mounted on the seat post behind the saddle. Rain showers don’t affect the bag. It is said to be 100% waterproof. Here you can find them Rovativ saddle bag for gravel bikes.

4. Bike stand to go

During a bike trip into the countryside or on longer bike tours, bikers often have no choice during well-deserved breaks other than to lay the bike down in the meadow or lean it against a tree. This can also be done more elegantly. For example with a mobile and handy bike stand. The “Flash Stand” from Topeak weighs only 500 grams and can be folded up to a size of 20 centimeters. It is not only suitable as a mobile bike stand. For smaller repairs, the Flash Stand also serves as a repair stand. Here you can find the Flash Stand from Topeak.

5. Roeckl cycling gloves (with a high recycled content)

Sustainability is also an important and big topic in the bicycle market. With the Mora for bikers, glove manufacturer Roeckl has a glove in its range whose yarn is 100 percent recycled from old fishing nets and fabric waste. To do this, the developers recycled polyester from PET bottle waste. Even the Roeckl logo comes from waste generated in the wood industry. It couldn’t be much more resource-efficient. Here’s it Mora and the Short finger version Bosco from Roeckl.

6. Bikezac 2.0 recycled bike bag

The pallet of milk under your arm, the shopping bag with fruit and vegetables on the handlebars. Two rather bad ideas for cycling home from the weekend shopping. The clever Danes from Cobags also thought so. That’s why they worked on a practical and sustainable solution to the transport problem. The result was Bikezac 2.0, a multifunctional and reusable shopping bag that can be securely attached to the saddle in two clicks using a patented fastening rail. To ensure your shopping doesn’t end up on the street, the bag can be closed with an integrated elastic band. Bikezac 2.0 is made from recycled polypropylene fabric, which can later be 100% recycled. Here you can get the Bikezac 2.0 in green or black.

7. Folding lock with app alarm

Unfortunately, bicycle theft is still part of everyday life in Germany. In 2020, around 260,000 thefts were reported. This makes it all the more important to secure your two-wheeler as best as possible as soon as you let it out of your sight. The different types of bicycle locks have advantages and disadvantages. A weak point is often the lock itself. For the smart folding lock from Abus you neither need a key nor do you have to remember a combination of numbers. The owner can open the lock via Bluetooth as soon as they are nearby with their paired smartphone. If a stranger tampers with the lock for more than five seconds, a 100 dB loud alarm tone sounds, similar to that of a car alarm system. The lock’s battery can be charged via USB-C. In addition, up to 29 devices can be legitimized for one lock. The Bordo Alarm 6000 folding lock from Abus is available here.

8. “The Helmet Bag” saddle cover

Even in summer, cyclists are occasionally surprised by a rain shower. With appropriate clothing and at appropriate temperatures, this can easily be overcome. It gets uncomfortable when the helmet hangs carelessly on the handlebars while it’s pouring rain. Anyone who has ever put a helmet on their head that is wet from the inside knows that it is no fun. But what to do with the helmet? The solution could be a combined saddle-helmet cover. The helmet bag is placed over the bicycle helmet and saddle and pulled tight. The safety rope can be connected to the bicycle lock. Complete. This is meant nicely, but it is a rather useless function. What’s cool, however, is that the helmet bag can also be used as a shopping bag. The helmet bag is available here.

9. Lumos Street – Smart bike helmet

Studies by state transport ministries suggest that up to 80 percent of serious head injuries can be prevented if cyclists who have been involved in an accident wear a helmet. Of course, it would be even better if the accidents didn’t happen in the first place. And he could do that Lumos Street, a smart bicycle helmet, contribute a small part. The Lumos is equipped with 22 white LEDs at the front and 42 red LEDs at the rear. These can be controlled via a mobile phone app, the included remote control or gestures (e.g. via Apple Watch). Important: The rear lights flash automatically when the bike brakes. The biker operates the indicators at the front and back himself. The manufacturer states the battery life is around ten hours. The helmet functions can be individually configured and new functions can be integrated via an app.

10. AirBell (bell for Apple AirTags)

In 2021, the number of bicycles stolen fell by 10.5 percent to around 234,000. That’s good news. Nevertheless, bikes are still among the most popular targets for thieves and petty criminals. With its Airtag, Apple has developed a tracking chip that can be used to accurately locate everyday objects such as suitcases, keys, backpacks or even bicycles via Bluetooth. But what to do with the airtag so that the bike thief doesn’t figure out the plan? The one developed in Austria AirBell bicycle bell seems the perfect hiding place for the mini tracker. It fits exactly under the bell and is equally suitable for the handlebars of city and e-bikes as well as gravel and racing bikes as well as cargo bikes.

11. Garmin Varia bicycle radar

It couldn’t be smarter. The navigation experts at Garmin also want to make cycling safer. The Varia RVR 315 is mounted on the seat post and is intended to provide a visual and acoustic warning of vehicles (cars and bicycles) approaching from behind. The warning is transmitted wirelessly to compatible cycling computers or sports watches or via an app to your smartphone. Garmin promises that the biker will be warned from a distance of 140 meters. The Varia weighs just over 50 grams and is waterproof according to the IPX7 standard. According to the manufacturer, the battery lasts for up to seven hours.

12. Bicycle light with floor lighting

Even on warm summer evenings the sun sets once in a while. Anyone who then cycles home should see, but also be seen. Fischer has thought of a smart trick for this. The Twin bicycle rear light is mounted on the seat post and not only lights up at a 90 degree angle to the rear. The five LEDs of the so-called floor light create a cone of light around the rear wheel and ensure that bikers can be seen even better, especially on routes that are poorly lit or not lit at all.

13. Abus Goose Lock bike lock

Finally, we are sending what at first glance appears to be a rather strange bike tool into the race for the 2023 bike trend. Instead of being used as a bracket, chain or ring, Abus gave it his Goose Lock chain lock two strange kinks. The new gooseneck technology should put an end to the annoying rattling of the lock on the bicycle frame. The six millimeter thick steel chain is covered with functional and flexible plastic fibers and a foam cover. Abus specifies the Goose Lock with security level 7, i.e. a medium risk of theft. Back to the 110 centimeter long gooseneck: It is flexible and nestles around the frame when not in use. No rattling, no scratches. Three colors are available to choose from.

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