Bestselling author Yael Adler explains which foods keep the skin healthy

Yael Adler is a dermatologist and bestselling author. She knows better than almost anyone else how closely nutrition and healthy skin are connected. Here are her top tips and advice.

How closely are our skin and our diet connected?
Very strong, everything we eat is processed in the body and has a corresponding effect there. And ultimately has an impact on the health of the skin.

What nutrients does the skin need?
Our body and skin need macronutrients. Carbohydrates, for example, provide fuel for all cells – that is, glucose. Our body also builds the scaffolding, i.e. the connective and supporting tissue in all layers of the skin, from carbohydrates and proteins. New proteins are created from the food protein, antibodies, hormones, blood group substances, coagulation substances.

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