Bavaria: The special features of Lower Bavaria – Bavaria

Recently I was traveling in Lower Bavaria again. The landscape is almost as always: a bit rough, but warm. Strange the frequent and sudden onset of monsoons, then sunshine again. And not a day without a diversion. No sooner have you set your sights on a destination than after a few kilometers you will see the yellow sign with the nose pointing somewhere completely different than expected.

And already you have 20 kilometers more on the clock than planned, you get to know new quiet corners that you would otherwise never have visited. In any case, Lower Bavaria’s civil engineering companies are unlikely to have suffered any losses during the pandemic, on the contrary: The Free State apparently pumped a lot of money into infrastructure programs, and the sales of road builders and asphalt pavers must have exploded. At the petrol stations too.

Haha, stupid joke: logical that LowBavaria and Deepconstruction fit together. In fact, Lower Bavaria is an autoland, without the tin box you are in a fix here or you need particularly tight cycling calves. And while you drive past the numerous election posters, you can vividly imagine how loudly the Green Bundestag candidates cursed here when the debate about the subsidy for cargo bikes suddenly arose. You definitely want a cargo bike if you want to go from Hofkirchen to Handlab or Hengersberg. The mockery of the imaginary city dwellers about the green election campaign song, on the other hand, is not shared that way in rural areas, because: The choral society Harmonie doesn’t hit the right note any better.

Every region has special features that are difficult to understand elsewhere. But that doesn’t mean that Lower Bavaria should be reduced to Hubert Aiwanger. Because even in his home country many do not understand him and wonder what he has with his stupid “Freedom Day”. Must have to do with the choice, it helped Boris Johnson too. It is less easy to explain why FFP2 masks are no longer needed, but medical masks are now sufficient again. Hopefully it’s not just because some Bavarian importer still has a larger remaining stock in stock, which he wants to get rid of in exchange for a hefty commission to a CSU MP.


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