Bavaria: More and more ice cream parlors are offering ice cream for dogs – Bavaria

Summer is finally here for dogs. Of course they have noticed the heat of the past few weeks, they are suffering and panting. So you already know what time of year it is. So far, there has hardly been more than a courageous jump into the lake to cool off. There was a problem at the ice cream parlors: cream, sugar and milk are rather unhealthy for dogs, so it’s not a good idea to let your dachshund lick the vanilla ball.

There are now more and more ice cream parlors that also offer ice cream for dogs, with suitable ingredients, of course – in Deggendorf or in the Allgäu, for example. The portion of liver sausage ice cream, however, was not exactly harmless up to now: the wasps fly on it, and at most the incorrigible among the dogs want to have them in their mouths, which constantly snap at insects – until they actually catch one. It’s a good thing that the State Association for Bird Protection has now given the all-clear: wasps have managed to raise their young, from now on they prefer sweet to savory. Liver sausage ice cream is no longer on the menu.

The best time of the year for dogs is now beginning. For two-legged friends, of course, this is bad news. People can now eat their schnitzel in peace on the terrace, but the chocolate ice cream afterwards is shared. First with a wasp, and then with all her friends. So people need more savory ice cream flavors, the basic idea is interesting: no cream and no sugar in the ice cream, that not only sounds good for dogs, but also healthy for people. Extension of the undisturbed summer feeling included.

It is therefore worth studying international menus, especially Japanese ones: ice cream made from raw horse meat is available there, for example, which should also be enjoyed al fresco without reservations. It could just be that this breaks off social contact with your own species, as with the variety with squid ink. Crocodile egg ice cream from the Philippines and cheeseburger ice cream from New York also served their purpose. Similar to ice cream from Alaska, which is said to be made there from the fat of reindeer and whales, among other things. If you are really brave, you can also try the local white sausage ice cream – although even veterinarians advise against it.

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