“Bares for Rares”: Exciting and curious facts about the junk show on ZDF

See in the video: “Bares for Rares” – exciting and curious facts about the junk show.

“Bares für Rares” has been on ZDF since 2013. With extraordinary antiques, tough bidding battles, exciting expertise and a funny presenter, the junk show won over many fans.
The show of curiosities, treasures and rarities is not only a success in this country. The format has since been successfully adapted in many other countries. Among others in Canada, Australia, Finland, Italy, Portugal and Spain.
The dealers of the show cause laughs, tears and many a surprise. Some of you are with us from the start. One of them is Ludwig Hofmaier or Handstand-Lucki. The former gymnast gained a lot of attention even before the show. The dealer, who cannot be seen today without his suspenders, got into the newspapers in 1967 through an unusual campaign. He made his way from Regensburg Cathedral Square to the Pope – however, he did not cover the 1070 km long distance on foot but on his hands.
Walter Lehnertz or better known as 80-Euro-Waldi has also been part of the show since it was founded. The reason for his nickname is that the dealer from the Eifel generally likes to enter the bidding war with 80 euros.
Many antiques changed hands on the show for a lot of money. The highest bid so far came from Susanne Steiger. The dealer, who is actually known as a jewelry expert, offered 90,000 euros for a Mercedes convertible. That was not enough for the seller, the deal ultimately failed because of 5000 euros.
Another curious thing was a train track made by the Ehrlich Brothers, curved towards the heart. The expertise was low at 26. In the end, dealer Fabian Kahl bought the work of art by the magicians for a whopping 8,000 euros.

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