Balcony power plants with a 120 euro discount at Kleines Kraftwerk

Anyone who wants to be equipped with a balcony power plant in time for the start of spring can currently find a discount offer from the provider Kleines Kraftwerk. An exciting deal?

Many people are currently eagerly awaiting spring – to fill up on vitamin D, but also to use the longer days and more hours of sunshine to generate their own electricity using a balcony power plant. Because: With the help of a balcony power plant, it is now easy to become more independent of electricity prices and thus save money. Depending on the size and features, this can cost several hundred to over a thousand euros. In addition, there are often shipping costs, which can also reach up to 100 euros. Offers like that from Kleines Kraftwerk are all the more in demand. The German provider is currently offering its modules with a 15 percent discount and free shipping.

Balcony power plant: making optimal use of the sun’s power

In order to utilize the sun’s full potential for energy generation, the right location is crucial. The more sunlight you can convert into your own electricity, the more money you can save. Kleines Kraftwerk offers a selection of different solar modules: classic for the balcony, with a wall mount or for a flat roof. The modules are all bifacial, which means they can also capture sunlight on the back. According to the manufacturer, this results in up to 38 percent higher energy yield.

Click here for the offer at Kleines Kraftwerk

  • 15 percent discount and free shipping
  • 25 year guarantee
  • Includes matching bracket and inverter
  • App for evaluating the energy generated

However, the discount only applies to the standard scope of delivery. For example, if you need a Schuko or Wieland connection cable that is longer than five meters, you have to expect a surcharge of at least 19 euros. The savings potential is great, especially when purchasing a larger system. Instead of 1,119 euros, a power plant for the lattice balcony with four modules currently costs 1,019.15 euros – a saving of almost 120 euros and shipping costs are also eliminated.

Alternative: power plant on the go

Electricity is generally indispensable not only in your own four walls, but also when you are on the go. Amazon is currently offering a deal for campers who want to use their electronic devices away from the nearest socket: two Ecoflow solar panels for 159 instead of 229 euros.

The Ecoflow modules are small and light and are therefore interesting for mobile home owners, among others. They are also suitable for the balcony or to supply the garden shed with electricity. However, the panels are not bifacial and, due to the smaller area, deliver less energy than those of Kleines Kraftwerk. Corresponding cables and other accessories are also missing from this deal.

Click here for the offer on Amazon

  • Twice 100 watts
  • 98 x 58.6 centimeters area
  • Suitable for motorhomes, boats, garden sheds etc.
  • Flat and light

If you don’t have suitable space for a power plant at home or are looking for something for a camper or garden shed, you’re getting a good deal. The 159 euros that Amazon is currently charging is currently the best price online.

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