“Bad news”, “ethical problem”… The city’s recruitment of the Legay affair commissioner divides

It is not yet confirmed that it is already causing a reaction. The recruitment of Rabah Souchi, the commissioner targeted in the Geneviève Legay affair and soon to be tried, within the Nice municipal police force, is arousing opposition. On the right, as on the left. It would be “bad news for the people of Nice […] and for the municipal police” itself, scolds the local leader of Reconquest! Philippe Vardon. Communist Robert Injey, on the Viva! at the last municipal elections, thinks for his part that this hiring would pose an “ethical problem”.

In question, the indictment of Rabah Souchi for “complicity in violence by a person holding public authority” after a banned “yellow vest” demonstration on March 23, 2019 in Nice. The latter is accused of having given “inappropriate” orders during this gathering, leading the police to launch a “disproportionate charge”, according to the IGPN. Jostled, activist Geneviève Legay fell violently and suffered several broken ribs as well as skull fractures.

The municipality remains in its position

The commissioner, who has already announced to his teams that he is leaving the national police, is due to be tried on January 11, 2024 before the Lyon criminal court, where the case was dismissed. At the same time, he “actually applied for the open position of assistant to the director” of the municipal police of Nice and “was selected by the jury of September 28,” indicated Tuesday the general director of city services, without specifying the reasons. reasons for this controversial choice.

This Wednesday, the town hall assures 20 minutes that her position has not changed and that she is still awaiting “confirmation of the secondment requested from the Ministry of the Interior and the opinion of the ethics commission before initiating this recruitment”.

A “sulphurous character”

“Both Rabah Souchi’s personality and career path encourage me to firmly oppose his re-employment within our municipal police force,” responded municipal and metropolitan councilor Philippe Vardon in a press release. In addition to the procedure awaiting judgment, “we must remember that this sulphurous character was already the subject of an IGPN investigation when he was stationed in Arras”, supports Robert Injey.

Asked by 20 minutes, ELLV municipal and metropolitan councilor Juliette Chesnel-Le Roux prefers “not to make any comments until the Geneviève Legay trial has been judged”. Asked on Tuesday, Rabah Souchi did not respond.

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