Autumn decorations for outside: These trends create the right mood

Cozy autumn decorations for outside: These tricks make the outside area an eye-catcher

Pumpkins and rusty colors reflect autumn. But there are other colors and things that are great as autumn decorations for outside.

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Autumn stands for cozy hours at home. At best, the decoration also reflects this cosiness. With these tips and tricks, the autumn decoration will be a highlight for outside.

Autumn brings rainy and shorter days with it, but colorful leaves and above all: cozy hours at home. Exactly this cosiness and the warm colors should also be reflected in the autumn decoration for outside. These accessories are ideal for outdoors and are currently trendy.

Pumpkins are the ideal autumn decoration for outside

If there is one thing that embodies autumn, it is surely the pumpkin. And both the decorative pumpkins and the edible pumpkins are great decorative elements. In front of the house, on the terrace or in the garden, for example, you can arrange decorative pumpkins of different sizes and either with a fairy lights or one Lantern decorate. This radiates cosiness and is particularly good as an autumn decoration for outside. Another variation is to wrap a pumpkin and a large vase to put in. Autumn flowers can then find their place there. Of course, pumpkins are also suitable for a creepy Halloween decoration or they can be carved out with timeless patterns.

Check pattern as a cosiness factor

But not only the fruit vegetables represent the beginning of autumn. Many also associate checked patterns with the start of the colder seasons. It doesn’t just look good as a pattern on the lumberjack shirt or scarf pillow or Doormat it also ensures an eye-catching effect. Decorate eye-catching cushions on the seating area on the terrace or on the balcony and ensure a suitable autumn decoration.

Colourful flowers

The beginning of autumn is colorful and handsome, but when the last leaves fall, it gets dreary. The best way to counteract this is with colorful flowers. Chrysanthemums, fruit skimmia, lantern flowers and ornamental grasses are typical autumn plants that, when combined well, make a great autumn decoration on the balcony, terrace or (front) garden. Either imagine some of this in one Flowerpot together or you grab a wooden box that you convert into a flower shelf, put the flowers in pots next to each other and decorate the whole thing with pumpkins or other fruit and blossom decorations, or even pine cones, chestnuts and other things.

More ideas for the autumn decoration for outside

  • Different light sources: Since it naturally gets dark again quickly outside, they are suitable Fairy lights or Light figures respectively Flower pots with LED lightingto spread a positive mood through the autumn decoration. Lanterns are also wonderfully suitable as a decorative element in autumn, as they emit a cozy light.
  • Door wreaths: The door can also look like cosiness. This can be done, for example, through an autumn Door wreath happen: Consisting of twigs, dried flowers, small pumpkins, chestnuts, colorful leaves or other autumn bringers, it makes something right away.
  • Halloween: If you like the horror festival, you can of course lean on the autumn decoration for outside for a while: pumpkins with faces, artificial cobwebs and Co. show directly: Autumn is here.

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