Austria: Driver follows the navigation system – and gets stuck on a hiking trail

BMW driver follows his navigation system – and gets stuck on a hiking trail

The Alpina doesn’t belong there: A driver got lost on a hiking trail in Austria.

© Fire Department St. Gilgen

Again and again, drivers blindly follow their GPS and end up in strange or ugly situations. A German vacationer in Austria had to experience this as well.

His vehicle is highly motorized, well equipped – but in the end above all full of scratches: because a German holidaymaker in Austria stubbornly followed his navigation system, he ended up on a hiking trail, got stuck there and had to be rescued by the fire brigade.

As several media reports, the 77-year-old man had apparently blindly relied on the instructions from his navigation system and, despite the narrowing path and the abyss only secured by a railing, did not let himself be stopped. The driver also ignored warnings from passers-by: According to the police, he “continued his journey on the hiking trail despite several warnings from passers-by”.

The drive of the unreasonable German only came to an end when he really couldn’t go any further: he finally got stuck with his vehicle at a narrow point between rocks and railings and then gave up his plan after all. At this point, however, it was already too late to save himself on his own. Instead, the St. Gilgen fire brigade had to salvage the vehicle, which was badly damaged on the sides.

After the incident, the driver was lucky in his misfortune: since he was completely sober according to the alcohol test, he was able to continue his journey afterwards. However, the trip will still be expensive for the driver: the car is a BX7 from the BMW high-end tuner Alpine. Even with the standard equipment, the model costs upwards of 170,000 euros, and the damaged metal parts will have a correspondingly negative impact.

Source: “Rosenheim24”

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