Aschau: Investigations after killing “extraordinarily complex” – Bavaria

The suspect, who is said to have killed a student after a night of partying in the “Eiskeller”, is silent in custody. The police continue to evaluate clues – and are still looking for the owner of a wristwatch.

After the violent death of a student in Aschau im Chiemgau in Upper Bavaria, the police are still facing extensive investigations. An adolescent who is in custody on suspicion of a crime is silent. The man did not provide any information on the matter, said the press spokesman for the Oberbayern Süd police headquarters, Stefan Sonntag. “The whole case is extraordinarily complex in terms of investigation.” He hopes that in a few weeks the specially set up Soko “Club” will have done most of its work.

The 23-year-old student celebrated on October 2nd in the “Eiskeller” club in Aschau in the Rosenheim district and did not come home afterwards. Hours later – the next day – a passer-by discovered her body downstream in the Prien. According to earlier information from the police, it is certain that the woman died between two and three in the morning. About six weeks later, a man between 18 and 21 years old was arrested. It is a jogger who was seen near the “ice cellar” on the night of the crime.

The special police commission still includes 30 colleagues, said Sunday. There is still a lot to be done in several areas. “We heard more than 1,000 people as witnesses.” Many were guests at the club that evening. Around 800 people celebrated there late into the night – with them the student. The images from the video cameras from the area alone result in an immense wealth of material, as Sunday said. “There are hundreds of gigabytes of data that we have evaluated and are still evaluating, including recordings from cameras in the area.” In addition, radio cells would be checked to find out which cell phone was logged in there.

Investigators are still looking for the owner of a wristwatch that was found in a creek not far from the nightclub. A ring that the woman was wearing and apparently lost in the creek was also discovered near the watch. Therefore, the police see an important lead in the watch. “There are 1700 watches of this model that have been sold. We are trying to reconstruct the path of each individual watch and find out who it ended up with,” said Sunday. “There’s a huge mountain of work ahead of us in every area.”

The jogger was initially wanted as a witness. According to witnesses, the suspicion against him was confirmed, so that he was arrested on November 18th. The Soko “Club” had previously asked nationwide for the help of witnesses in the television program “Aktenzeichen XY… unsolved”.

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