Artificial Intelligence: Microsoft introduces AI assistants in Windows

As of: September 22, 2023 9:10 a.m

Since ChatGPT at the latest, artificial intelligence has been on everyone’s lips. Now Microsoft wants to make AI available in its programs. A declaration of war on the other tech companies – who rely on their own systems.

In the race for technology leadership in artificial intelligence (AI), Microsoft is increasing the pace. The US software company announced that its AI assistant “Copilot” will be available in all programs in the future. This includes the operating system “Windows 11”, the office software “Office 365”, the search engine “Bing” and the browser “Edge”.

In some applications, users have been receiving support from AI for some time. In July, Microsoft delivered a preview of “Copilot” for “Office”. In order to use its functions, customers must pay $30 per month in addition to the usual fees for the office software.

New “Dall-E” version also announced

The central idea is to make the AI ​​helper usable across different offerings and devices in a uniform form. To achieve this, products such as web searches, office programs or operating systems should no longer be viewed as separate categories, said Microsoft boss Satya Nadella. As an example of new functions, the “copilot” can automatically find the exact position of locations mentioned in an email.

As part of the product presentation, the US company also announced that it would equip the “Bing” search engine with the latest, third generation of “Dall-E”. This AI, which, like the basis for “Copilot”, comes from Microsoft’s OpenAI, specializes in creating images based on just a few keywords.

Microsoft is in tough competition, especially with Google. The Alphabet subsidiary is sending its AI “Bard” into the race against ChatGPT from OpenAI. At the same time, according to a media report, the search engine operator is about to release the successor “Gemini”. But Facebook parent Meta and iPhone manufacturer Apple are also working hard on this technology.

Video editing with artificial intelligence

The Google subsidiary YouTube also announced yesterday a series of new functions for creative professionals based on artificial intelligence. The software tools are intended to help creators on the YouTube platform create text, background images, music and other media with simple instructions and incorporate their videos. For example, the “Dream Screen” tool should be able to use generative AI to create video or image backgrounds for the vertical short videos on the platform (“YouTube Shorts”).

At the same time, YouTube is releasing additional tools with artificial intelligence functions that are intended to help edit long videos on the platform. “We’re introducing a range of products and features that enable people to push the boundaries of creative expression,” said Toni Reid, vice president of community products at YouTube.

New app for editing videos

To simplify the video production process “and enable anyone to create and share videos directly on YouTube, we’re launching a new mobile app called YouTube Create,” Reid said. The app will be free and is intended to simplify video production.

The app, which will first be available on smartphones running Google’s Android operating system, offers video editing tools such as precise editing, automatic subtitles, voiceover functions and access to a library of filters, effects, transitions and royalty-free music. This means that creative people are no longer dependent on complex editing software. The new software tools will initially be made available to users in the USA, but will then also come to Europe by the end of the year.

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