Apple is using a USB-C port for the first time on the iPhone

As of: September 12, 2023 8:28 p.m

For the first time, Apple is equipping its iPhone with a USB-C port. This means that the same charging cables can be used as with many Android smartphones. However, the step was not entirely voluntary.

For the upcoming iPhones, Apple users will need different charging cables than before. Instead of the previous in-house “Lightning” format, a USB-C port will be installed in the future, as the company announced today when presenting new products. With the change, future iPhones can be charged with the same cables as most Android smartphones, notebooks or wireless headphones.

USB-C as standard in the EU

The background to the change is EU requirements for uniform charging sockets. From autumn 2024, all mobile phones and tablets sold in the European Union must have a USB-C interface. The new rule is intended to lead to savings for consumers and help prevent electronic waste. Apple’s move was therefore only partially voluntary.

The company had already announced last year that it would change the connection on the iPhone in order to comply with the relevant regulations. However, it had simultaneously criticized the plans as a potential brake on future innovations and pointed out that the “Lightning” cables introduced in 2012 would now be useless in many households.

Until now, Apple had only used USB-C on its MacBooks and iPads. Now, in addition to the charging port, the cable of Apple earphones is also being changed. In addition to the new iPhone 15, the manufacturer also presented the new Apple Watch Series 9 today.

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