Apple iPhone 15 – The zoom camera impresses in the test

There are no earth-shattering innovations in the 15th generation of the iPhone, but there are a few small innovations that make the iPhone 15 a little better: First of all, the 2x telephoto zoom camera is worth mentioning, which offers more freedom the image creation brings. Sure, it’s a long way from the 5x optical zoom of the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max, but it’s at least a first step. Thanks to pixel binning, there is now more freedom when choosing the photo size: Do you want a 12, 24 or 48 MP shot?

The iPhone 15 also now has Dynamic Island, which means that the cutout for the front camera and the Face ID sensors is moved a little more towards the center of the screen and is expanded for notifications to display the content. This function was previously only available on the Pro models.

Apple didn’t install the new USB-C port entirely voluntarily; the EU put pressure on it. Nevertheless, it is a great addition to the iPhone because you can finally charge your MacBook, iPad and iPhone with the same cable. And the vast majority of other technical devices now rely on USB-C, meaning that significantly more accessories can be used with the iPhone.

Despite the innovations, the iPhone 15 is even slightly cheaper than the iPhone 14 when it launches: you can buy an iPhone 15 from 949 euros, which is 50 euros less than last year. For example, you can get it at this price

In some respects, however, the iPhone 15 remains very traditional: For example, there is no support for 6 GHz Wi-Fi networks, which transmit in a less occupied frequency range and are therefore less susceptible to interference and can also be faster. In addition, Apple only provides a 60 Hz screen, which can be very bright and has very accurate colors. Although the USB-C port only has USB 2.0 speed, it still has a display port function so that you can connect external screens to the iPhone 15.

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