An inmate commits suicide in prison the day after his conviction

The lifeless body was found on November 15 in the afternoon by prison surveillance teams. Aged 46, a detainee committed suicide in the cell of the Saint-Brieuc detention center (Côtes-d’Armor) where he had been imprisoned the day before, following his conviction by the court.

According to the public prosecutor of Saint-Brieuc, the man had been sentenced the day before by the correctional court of Saint-Brieuc to the sentence of eighteen months’ imprisonment, ten of which were suspended on probation, for acts of “conditional death threats” and “violence with a weapon” committed on October 7 and “death threats by spouse” committed on October 17. He would not have supported his condemnation and would have ended his life. “He would have killed himself by hanging while he was alone in his cell”, specifies Nicolas Heitz.

Abolition of discernment?

Suffering from severe psychiatric disorders, the man had been temporarily imprisoned while waiting to see a sentence enforcement judge for a sentence adjustment, precise The Telegram. In October, he had already destroyed the cell in which he had been imprisoned, before making incoherent remarks to the judge, who had asked for a postponement of the hearing. On November 14, the man appeared “calm” at the helm, the daily said.

According to The Telegram, the detainee had already been the subject of several summonses to court. In 2020, in a previous case, a psychiatric expert concluded that this man’s discernment was abolished. On Monday, the criminal court had considered that the drug treatment followed by the defendant made it possible to judge him.

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