An “attempt to take action” foiled during the Easter weekend

An “attempt to take action” was foiled during the Easter weekend thanks to the increased “mobilization” of law enforcement, the government spokesperson said on Wednesday. “This action was avoided last weekend,” Prisca Thevenot told the press after the Council of Ministers, without further details. The Vigipirate system was raised on March 24 to its maximum level, “emergency attack”, after the attack in Moscow.

“The Minister of the Interior announced that the 4,530 establishments of worship, places of worship, would have particular vigilance with 13,500 law enforcement officers deployed throughout the territory” to protect religious services during the Easter holidays, said declared Prisca Thévenot while reporting to the Council of Ministers. “Thanks to this mobilization, we were able to stop an attempt to take action. Because yes, there are attempts to take action and thanks to the mobilization of these men and women on a daily basis, we can avoid tragedies. This action was avoided last weekend,” she added.

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