Amnesty International denounces “a persistence of discriminatory stereotypes” in France – Libération


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The NGO’s 2023 annual report is unveiled this Wednesday, April 24. This alerts to the persistence of racism and systemic discrimination at work in France.

Facial checks, insufficient anti-racism plan, trivialization of stigmatizing discourse for people wearing the veil… In its annual report published this Wednesday, April 24, Amnesty International devotes part of its work to the systemic aspect of racism and religious discrimination in France. Phenomena remaining largely unpunished, estimates the report. For Nathalie Godard, director of action at Amnesty France, the State is in the “denial”, particularly with regard to facial checks, which have “beenpursued» in 2023 but are still not recognized as “systemic”.

In 2017, a study carried out by the Defender of Rights indicated one “young man perceived as black or Arab” was twenty times more likely to be stopped by the police. Amnesty International as well as several other organizations had launched collective action before the Council of State to demand an end to this practice deemed discriminatory. The highest French administrative court had recognized that it was not a phenomenon “isolated” but that there was no systemic aspect, and, denounces the Amnesty report, did not p

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