Amber Heard: Where are the promised donations?

Amber Heard
Where are the promised donations?

Amber Heard is said to have only transferred part of the donations she promised.

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Amber Heard has apparently only donated part of the promised millions after the divorce from Johnny Depp.

After the divorce from Johnny Depp (58), Amber Heard (36) received seven million US dollars from her ex-husband. She had announced that she wanted to donate the money to two different organizations. In Depp’s defamation proceedings against his ex-wife, it has now been revealed that she has apparently not done so to the full extent.

Originally, a children’s hospital in Los Angeles and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which campaigns for civil rights, among other things, should each receive 3.5 million from Heard. To date, the ACLU has not even received half of the promised amount. That’s what Terence Dougherty, the organization’s chief operating officer, said in court. Among other things, the US celebrity portal “TMZ” has published a corresponding recording.

Four donations totaling $1.3 million

According to Dougherty, four donations totaling $1.3 million have been received on Heard’s behalf. A $350,000 donation came directly from the actress, another $100,000 donation from Depp and $350,000 through a fund. Another $500,000 was received through another fund. Dougherty assumes that the entrepreneur Elon Musk (50) is behind the donation. Musk dated the actress for several months following Depp and Heard’s divorce.

Depp has sued Heard over a 2018 Washington Post article. She claimed to be a victim of domestic violence, but did not name her ex-husband. He lost a similar lawsuit against the British tabloid “The Sun”, which Depp had described in an article as a “wife hitter”, in 2020. The actor had denied the allegations.

The couple got married in 2015. The two separated again in 2016 and then divorced in 2017. Both parties have repeatedly accused each other of domestic violence.


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