After the attack in Moscow: pre-trial detention ordered for four terror suspects – politics

The terrorist militia “Islamic State” (IS) has published scenes of the attack on the “Crocus City Hall” near Moscow on its Telegram channels. The approximately one and a half minute long video shows a close-up of one of the shooters opening fire on several people in what appears to be a large concert hall.

ISIS is probably reacting to Russian accusations against Ukraine and trying to prove its own responsibility for the attack on Friday evening, in which more than 130 people were killed and 180 people were injured. During the attack there were explosions, fires broke out and the roof of the building finally collapsed.

As the Time reported, the environment in which the video was recorded should match other recordings from the attack site. There are indications that the “Islamic State in Khorasan”, an IS offshoot based in Afghanistan, was responsible. Russian Islamists are also fighting in the terrorist organization. There is also a Caucasian IS group.

Russian President Vladimir Putin accused Ukraine of complicity despite a letter of responsibility from the so-called Islamic State. Apparently four arrested perpetrators wanted to flee there. Moscow’s Basmanny District Court brought charges against them on Sunday. They are accused of participating in a terrorist act, reports the Russian state news agency Tass. The suspects face life imprisonment, writes the Ria news agency. For now, they will be in custody for two months, until May 22nd.

According to Russian information, those arrested are said to have had contacts in Ukraine. Kyiv rejected this. Washington also assumes an IS attack. There was no Ukrainian involvement, said US National Security Council spokeswoman Adrienne Watson.

France declares the highest security level in view of the attack

At the beginning of the month, the US government sent Russia information about a planned attack in Moscow. The US Embassy issued a public warning for Americans in Russia on March 7th. It said extremists were planning to attack large gatherings in Moscow, including concerts. In a speech, Putin dismissed the warning as a Western provocation.

According to the deputy head of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, Russia wants to target the masterminds of the attack. “We will avenge each and every one (of those killed and injured). And those who are involved, regardless of their country of origin and status, are now our main and legitimate target,” Medvedev announced via Telegram.

France has now declared the highest security level. In view of the attack and the threat posed to France, the decision was made to take this step, wrote Prime Minister Gabriel Attal on Platform X. The decision was made after the Defense and Security Council convened by Head of State Emmanuel Macron.

Russia has commemorated the victims with a national day of mourning. Flags flew at half-mast across the country. Numerous people laid flowers at the site of the attack.

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