After the accidental death of ice hockey professional Johnson: debate about neck protection

As of: October 29, 2023 4:08 p.m

Professional ice hockey player Adam Johnson has died after an accident during a game. The 29-year-old American played in the German DEL league last season. They now want to talk about mandatory neck protection.

The death of former DEL professional Adam Johnson after an accident caused horror and consternation – not only in the world of ice hockey. The 29-year-old died as a result of a cut neck following his Nottingham Panthers’ game at Sheffield Steelers on Saturday. This was announced by his English team.

Last season, Johnson played in the German ice hockey league DEL. His club at the time, the Augsburg Panthers, expressed shock. “The Augsburg Panthers’ thoughts are with Adam Johnson’s girlfriend, his family and teammates as well as all ice hockey fans and officials who had to witness the terrible accident in the hall,” said the Panthers. There were minutes of silence for Johnson at some DEL games.

Neck protection mandatory?

The American suffered a serious neck injury from the blade of an ice skate. Johnson received first aid on the ice and was then taken to the hospital. The encounter in front of around 8,000 spectators was later canceled.

His death also sparked renewed debate about protective measures in ice hockey. With blade injuries becoming more and more common, there have been calls for neck protection for players. The DEL announced that it would discuss the topic at the next meeting of the sporting directors and in discussions with the players. In principle, neck protection is not required in the DEL. However, players are free to wear one.

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