Actress Christiane Hörbiger dead: from creamy sweet to dangerous – culture

The actress Christiane Hörbiger, scion of a great Austrian theater dynasty and grande dame with charm and humor, died at the age of 84.

If you think of Christiane Hörbiger, then with an Etepetete look and that unique malicious smile. No one could look so piqued as she, so ladylike and impertinent at the same time. This actress embodied the Austrian abusive version of the British “stiff upper lip”. Even with the most brazen affront, she knew how to maintain her composure and dignity in a way that few manage to do. Not a facial expression derailed, not a gesture slipped. Only her mouth, always a little pained, got a little narrower, and her brown eyes sparkled so slyly that one could have credited her with anything. All.

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