Accused of having drugged a deputy, senator Joël Guerriau wants to continue to exercise his mandate – Libération

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The President LR of the Senate, Gérard Larcher, asked Monday, November 20, the suspended senator from Horizons Joël Guerriau to “withdraw from all activities related to his mandate”, after the indictment of the parliamentarian suspected of having drugged a deputy with a view to sexually assaulting her. “It is now up to Mr. Joël Guerriau to take his responsibilities, until the justice system and the police services can clarify the facts,” estimates the presidency of the Senate in a press release.

Larcher particularly invites Guerriau “to resign from his functions as Secretary of the Senate Office and Vice-Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee”. That Guerriau clearly does not intend to. “He’s not going to go to prison,” boldly pleaded his lawyer, Rémi-Pierre Drai, on France Bleu, indicating that his client wished to continue his mandate “as far as possible”. And to add that Guerriau “was not barred from accessing the Senate” neither “was prohibited from continuing to be a senator and fulfilling his parliamentary mandate”.

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