Accident: US cop jumps into channel and saves woman from sinking car

See the video: Without hesitation – US cop jumps into the sewer and saves a woman from a sinking car.

Cape Coral Police Department Officer Kwesi Johnson is a true hero. When a woman in Florida crashes her car into a canal in the middle of the night and the car fills with water, the officer doesn’t hesitate for long.
The police officer jumps into the water, smashes the car’s side window and rescues the terrified woman from her sinking car. A colleague who rushed to film the rescue operation with his bodycam. Subtitles: “Is anyone else in the car?” “No, there’s nobody else.” The woman survived the incident without major injuries: “Are you hurt?” “No, just scared.” The Cape Coral Police Department posted the exploit on their Facebook page. There, Officer Kwesi Johnson is celebrated by the users for his heroic courage.

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