Accident at the airport tangent: two cars crash into each other – Ebersberg

An accident happened on the connecting road between Markt Schwaben and Gelting near the ramp to the airport tangent east. According to the police, a 56-year-old driver from Erding wanted to turn left on Sunday afternoon and overlooked the car of a 33-year-old Poingerin. The two vehicles crashed into each other and had to be towed away with serious damage.

The scene of the accident had to be closed in both directions for about 30 minutes. The volunteer fire brigades from Gelting and Markt Schwaben, a patrol from the Poing police and the rescue service were on duty. In order to be able to clarify the exact course of the accident, the police are looking for possible witnesses. These should report under the telephone number (08121) 9917-0.

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