a team that cooked and sold crack dismantled

Crack consumers in the Jardin d’Eole, in the 19th arrondissement of Paris. – SIPA / SIPA

After several weeks of investigation, the police of the police station of the 18th arrondissement of Paris arrested Monday seven people, some of whom are suspected of making and reselling crack, learns 20 minutes from a source close to the case. At the origin of the investigations, the complaint of an individual whose apartment, rue Doudeauville, was squatted by drug traffickers.

The officials then discreetly monitored the scene and identified a man who was brewing crack in the kitchen. The drugs were then sold in the Éole park, where consumers have been grouped together every evening since mid-May in order to relieve the residents of Stalingrad, to intermediaries or drug addicts. The suspect was also seen downstairs with a man who handed him an envelope. For investigators, this is the raw material supplier.

“The perfect cook’s paraphernalia”

On Monday, the police took action and arrested six people in flagrante delicto during transactions. These are three consumers and three individuals suspected of being resellers. During the search of the apartment, they got hold of several phones, cash and “the perfect cook’s paraphernalia” of crack, blast in 20 minutes a knowledgeable source.

It was then that a man suspected of being the gang’s “banker” showed up at the apartment and came face to face with the investigators who arrested him. The latter admitted the facts, unlike the three people suspected of being his accomplices. Judged in immediate appearance Thursday, they asked for a delay to prepare their defense. They were remanded in custody.

As for the three consumers, two of them were offered a therapeutic injunction accompanied by a ban on appearing in the north-east of Paris. The third was sentenced to four months in prison with a probationary suspension.

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