A recovered body could be that of a young man who has been missing for more than a month

“Everything suggests that it is Jordan Membré, subject to verifications which will be made”, indicated Abdelkrim Grini, public prosecutor of Roanne. A lifeless body was found floating in the port of this Loire town, reports France 3. The prosecution clarified that the clothes found on the recovered victim were those of this young man who had been missing for more than a month. An autopsy has been requested “as a matter of urgency” to confirm the identity of the body.

A “sudden and more than disturbing” disappearance

On February 5, Jordan Membré, 21, disappeared in the early morning after an evening with friends which took place near the port of Roanne. “All trace of him was lost around 3 a.m.”, when he was to return to his mother’s house, the prosecution said. For more than fifteen days, the firefighters had probed the waters of the Loire. No result. The drowning hypothesis was then ruled out by investigators. According to the prosecutor, “the intervention of a third party in this sudden and more than disturbing disappearance” was “likely”.

The results of the autopsy should be known at the end of the week in order to learn more about the circumstances of the death of the victim found in the port.

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