A municipal policeman dragged by a car who refused to comply

The intervention could have ended in tragedy. A Nantes municipal police officer was dragged by a vehicle while carrying out a road check on Tuesday evening. The facts happened shortly after 11 p.m. at the Quai de la Fosse in Nantes. A motorist had just passed a red light in the sight of a police crew. The municipal agents order him to stop. The man complies but seems reluctant to cooperate. And as one of the policemen advances towards the passenger compartment to open the door ajar, the driver starts off abruptly, taking with him the sworn officer attached to the vehicle!

The leak stretched for about 200 meters, until the policeman managed with difficulty to take control of the car, reports the town hall of Nantes, confirming information from West France. The motorist was immediately arrested by the rest of the patrol. Aged 38, he was driving while intoxicated and in possession of narcotics.

As for the police officer involved, he miraculously escaped without serious injury. Put to rest, however, he did not return to work on Wednesday. A psychological cell was opened for witnesses to the scene and colleagues from the service. The city of Nantes “welcomes the professionalism shown by the agents” that evening. A complaint has been filed against the driver. He will be prosecuted after his custody.

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