A doctor contacted in order to “assess the situation” of the actor

Will a doctor be behind the conclusion of the family drama? The Montargis (Loiret) public prosecutor’s office announced in any case that a doctor had been contacted in order to “assess the situation” of the actor Alain Delon, this Thursday. The Delon siblings have been torn apart for several weeks over the health of the film star, the brothers accusing their sister, Anouchka Delon, of taking advantage of their father’s weakness.

The doctor will be responsible for assessing the state of health of Alain Delon after requests for judicial protection made by lawyers for the 88-year-old actor and his son Anthony, the Montargis prosecutor’s office announced on Thursday.

“The public prosecutor confirms having received, on January 10, 2024, two separate emails from the lawyers of Anthony and Alain Delon indicating the urgency of placing the latter under judicial protection for health reasons […] An authorized doctor was contacted by the Montargis public prosecutor’s office in order to assess Alain Delon’s situation,” specifies the press release from the Montargis prosecutor, Jean-Cédric Gaux.

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