A deceased woman wakes up in her coffin during her funeral wake

Back from the dead. In Ecuador, relatives who had been watching an elderly woman declared dead for five hours heard her suddenly breathe, said Sunday the son of the woman whom local media describe as “resurrected”.

A video, posted to Twitter, shows Bella Montoya, 76, inside an open coffin and breathing heavily, surrounded by two men coming to her aid. With her “left hand she was hitting the walls and her hand was shaking,” her son, Gilbert Balberan, said in another video released by local media. “My mom is on oxygen. His heart is stable. The doctor pinched her hand and she reacted, ”added the son of the miraculous in comments reported by the newspaper El Universo.

“I want her to be alive and by my side”

Bella Montoya was found dead on Friday at a public hospital in the southwestern coastal town of Babahoyo. According to the Department of Health, Ms Montoya had been hospitalized with a suspected stroke and “suffered cardiopulmonary arrest”. As she did not react to resuscitation maneuvers, “the doctor on duty confirmed her death”, continued the ministry.

A technical committee has been tasked with “analyzing this case in depth” and establishing “a medical audit to determine responsibility” for the erroneous death certificate, the ministry added in a press release. “I am slowly recovering from what happened. Now all I ask is that my mother’s health improves. I want her to be alive and by my side”, sighed the son of the “resuscitated”.

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