A call for witnesses to identify the second drowned in the Deûle

In Lille, during the month of August, the bodies of two men were recovered from the Deûle canal, near the citadel, in the same sector where, in 2011, the discovery of two corpses of students had gave rise to the infamous case of the “drowned people of the Deûle”. For the most recent macabre discovery, that of August 23, the police in charge of the investigation have still not been able to identify the victim.

At this stage of the investigations, we know almost nothing about this new victim. According to the police, he is a man, “of African type”, aged around 30 and of “normal corpulence”. He wore short, black hair and a goatee topped with a mustache. He was also dressed in blue jeans, a gray and black Nike hooded jacket and Adidas sneakers. A final element, which could rule out that the victim is homeless, the police found on her a keychain with two keys and a magnetic badge.

A call for witnesses launched

In order to advance the investigation, investigators from the Lille judicial support group have also published several photos of the items in their possession on social networks. Any witnesses are asked to contact the police to help them identify the body.

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