“20 Minutes” on the pitch for a week

For more than a year, the editorial staff of 20 minutes is mobilized to keep you informed about the war in Ukraine. Every morning, we open a new live on this conflict, every evening we publish the recap of the day, secretly hoping that it will be the last.

We have multiplied interviews, reports, infographics, videos and podcasts so that everyone can stay informed of what is happening 2,000 km from France. And because we never inform better than on the ground, 20 minutes has decided to send, from this Monday and for a week, a journalist to Ukraine. Through multiple meetings and reports, Diane Regny will make you discover the daily life of a country at war. This while the first Leopard 2 tanks have just been delivered by the allies and Poland has announced that it will send a first batch of four MiG-29 fighter-bombers to Ukraine.

On this occasion, we will also suggest that you ask him questions about the life of Ukrainians under the bombs or about his work as a journalist. Questions she will answer live from kyiv.

Our journalist will leave the Ukrainian capital on Sunday March 26, but our coverage of the conflict will not stop. As long as it takes, we will attack our day by opening a live dedicated to the conflict.

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