17-year-old indicted for murdering mother

A 17-year-old is indicted for intentional homicide in Guadeloupe, for the murder of a mother, killed at her home on February 24, in Baie-Mahault in Guadeloupe. (Drawing) – Morel Gilles / Simax / SIPA

A teenager suspected of the murder of a mother, killed at her home on February 24, in Baie-Mahault in Guadeloupe was arrested and taken into custody on Wednesday. Confused by his DNA, this 17-year-old who resides in “the geographical vicinity” of the victim, was indicted, said Patrick Desjardins, public prosecutor of Pointe-à-Pitre, Thursday at a conference Press.

“He admitted to being the author of the fatal blow, carried with the knife, on the victim”. The investigation, entrusted to the Research Section of the Gendarmerie, “was extremely long and complex because at the beginning several plausible leads could be retained and all were exploited, verified in an extremely precise way”, according to the same source.

Mother of a 9 year old child

The victim, 35, mother of a 9-year-old child, absent at the time of the facts, was found lifeless by her husband on the evening of February 24. She had a wound on her neck. The autopsy had not shown sexual violence according to the prosecutor.

Technical findings were notably carried out by the IRGN (Criminal Research Institute). Agents of this specialized service, coming from the hexagon, “passed the house with a fine comb and found traces of DNA unknown of the file FNAEG”.

Unknown to police

In the end, it took “several DNA collection campaigns” and “a total of 45 people collected” before a corresponding suspect was found. Because the research was first oriented towards “the family or professional circle”, before extending “to the geographical neighborhood”.

The teenager, “unknown to the services and who does not have the profile of a delinquent at all”, according to Patrick Desjardins, heard by the examining magistrate in charge of the case, had not yet given, Thursday evening, of mobile according to the same source: “for the moment it remains rather obscure, the investigators still have difficulty understanding the real reasons for the intrusion of the person concerned and his passage to the criminal act”. The prosecution requested a warrant of committal on Thursday evening.

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