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Having an office area in the bedroom, living room or under the stairs is good. Keeping an aesthetic and well-ordered space … this is sometimes more complicated! It must be said that between the computer, the printer, possibly speakers, the charger of the phone … that quickly creates a lot of wires with which you have to learn to deal well! We therefore rely on accessories that allow them to be organized and hidden.

Cable Basket
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The cable basket is easy to attach behind the desk. Its capacity allows it to conceal a power strip, as well as the wires of the various equipment which occupy the office area.

Basket Under Desk
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If it is impossible to fit a storage solution behind the desk, opt for an alternative: the tray to be fixed under the desk. Just as effective, but even more discreet!

Cable Management Box
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The cable management box is a simple and efficient storage solution to conceal the wires that tend to multiply around a desk. Depending on your needs, you can opt for a sober and discreet model, or adopt a decorative model.


The connected home? We love ! But that does involve a few extra wires to deal with, especially if the house has an additional router. To put it in order, we adopt solutions that hide both cables and equipment.

Japandi Trendy spirit
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Japanese spirit or Scandinavian-inspired living room: we let ourselves be seduced by light wood storage, which will blend perfectly into the decor!

Shelf Box Or Router
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This type of hanging storage can easily be used as a small extra shelf. Some models are also equipped with rather smart additional storage, which can be very useful when they are installed in the hall or near the office.

TV cabinet

When it comes to wires, one of the most delicate areas in the house is undoubtedly the TV cabinet. Good news: there are some pretty smart ideas to tame stubborn wires and cables!

Tv Wall Mount
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More and more TV cabinets are offering solutions that cleverly conceal the wires. This is particularly the case with design wall brackets, with a recessed column, which is preferred to a traditional TV cabinet, since it displays a refined look more suited to contemporary and minimalist interiors.

Tone On Tone Wall Wire Cover
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The wall wire cover is a real classic: it is readily used to hide the wires of the electrical installation. This trick also works for the TV wires. Just adopt a color identical to that of the wall, and voila!

Double Wall
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Do you want to give the living room decor a fresh boost? Take the opportunity to double the walls! This trick allows you to breathe new life into your interior and give it an extra touch of character. Wood is great for warming up the mood, but the type of finish is unlimited: now is the time or never to get creative!

A Niche For Tv
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On your way, you can achieve a larger decoration, by completely dressing the living room wall, and by creating a niche in which to install the TV!

DIY ideas

If no solution seems to match your decor, never mind: make your own custom solution to hide electrical wires!

Pretty Clips
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Rather than hiding the wires, sometimes it is smarter to expose them. If you’re not really a fan of creative hobbies, bet on a ready-made set of clips – just decide on your yarn layout, and pin it!

Adhesive Skirtings
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Do you love fun decorations? Easy to cut and position, the adhesive plinths allow you to let your imagination run wild! This option is particularly well chosen to hide the wires in the children’s room!

Wood Beads
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How about threading beads? A few large wooden pieces are enough to pimp the wire of a lamp. If we prefer wooden models in a hygge or japandi interior, nothing prevents opting for a color version to give a little pep’s to a white living room, or for a pastel variation in a Scandinavian decor.

A Work Of Art On The Wall
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If you have a good pencil stroke, draw an urban landscape, and apply your thread along your work of art to give it substance. What if drawing isn’t really your thing? Just write a sweet note or quote!

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Do you love macrame? Well, here is a great solution to hide an electric wire and make it the star of a boho interior!

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For a more colorful and contemporary decor, we love the knitting option! Depending on your desires, you can choose a tone-on-tone color, so that your threads blend perfectly into the decor, or play the contrast card. And for a decoration full of pep’s, we even dare the neon colors, playful and very trendy!

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