You are traders at the end of your career, how do you live your job on a daily basis?

Open your business early in the morning and draw the curtain late at night. Being on your feet all day, carrying heavy loads, always having to be dynamic with customers… It’s not easy to be a shopkeeper in your sixties. And the prospect of having to work longer is not necessarily well received by this category of assets.

The pension reform currently under discussion provides for a gradual lowering of the legal retirement age from 62 to 64 in 2030. It also increases the period of contribution to benefit from a full pension: from forty-two years today at forty-three in 2027.

How old are you ? What type of business do you operate in? Does the job seem heavier to you in recent years? Which missions are the most difficult for you? Are your relationships with your clients less easy than when you were in mid-career? Do you feel more tired when you get home? How do you envision the next few years? Do you think that you will leave without having all your annuities? Or do you plan to go all the way? Tell us.

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