Workplace with a view: Wangerooge is looking for a new lighthouse keeper

Workplace with a view
Wangerooge is looking for a new lighthouse keeper

An unusual workplace: Wangerooge is looking for a new lighthouse keeper (archive photo). photo

© Mohssen Assanimoghaddam/dpa

Anyone who wants to apply for this job should be fit and not afraid of heights: The North Sea island of Wangerooge is looking for a new keeper for its old lighthouse – but there is a catch when it comes to living space.

Fear of heights is rather bad for this job, but knowledge of tides, shipping and the Wadden Sea is an advantage: the small East Frisian island is looking for its old lighthouse Wangerooge has a new lighthouse keeper.

According to the municipality’s job advertisement, applicants for the job should also be physically fit. “You have to be able to walk the 161 steps at least twice a day,” said Rieka Beewen, general representative of the mayor on Wangerooge, to the German Press Agency. Because that is necessary for opening and closing, for example. “And if in doubt, you have to go up a third time.” The 39 meter high red, white and black lighthouse is one of the North Sea island’s landmarks.

Incidentally, applicants do not need to be familiar with lighting technology, as the old lighthouse has not been in operation since 1969. The old lighthouse has been used as a viewing area since 1972. The island museum is also located on the ground floor.

What are the tasks?

According to the job description, the lighthouse keeper’s tasks include: ticket sales, admission control, maintaining the green areas at the lighthouse and selling souvenir items. “Skilled craftsmanship would be an advantage, because there is always a bit of work to be done on such an old building,” added spa director Beewen.

The lighthouse was recently closed for restoration. Now things should start again step by step: first the museum should open, later the tower staircase should be opened again. Couples will also be able to exchange vows again in the lighthouse keeper’s former guard room.

However, the future lighthouse keeper cannot live in the listed building. “There’s actually not enough space in the lighthouse for that,” said Beewen. Living space is scarce on all East Frisian Islands. But the community helps with finding accommodation.


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