Women’s Champions League – 80th, 84th, 86th: Lyon overthrows PSG in six minutes in the first leg of the semi-final

Lyon came back out of nowhere and the Groupama Stadium erupted. Apathetic, logically led 2 to 0 by a superior PSG until the last ten minutes of added time, the Lyonnaises scored 3 goals in 6 minutes to overthrow PSG in front of a record crowd (38,466 spectators) and euphoric after the achievement of Amel Majri, who allows Lyon to move onto the PSG pitch on April 28, in a position of strength (3-2).

And yet, PSG has long believed that it is well on its way to a third Champions League final in its history. After a start to the match where the two teams went blow for blow (4th, 7th, 9th, 21st, 23rd), it was Marie-Antoinette Katoto’s teammates who proved to be the most dangerous.

And the top scorer in the history of PSG logically put hers in front by taking advantage of a cross on the right side where the defense of the eight-time European champions passed through to score from the right (0-1, 44th). Already groggy, the women’s OL seemed on the verge of collapse after Katoto’s double just after the break. The latter took advantage of a deflected shot from Chawinga in the area to adjust Christiane Endler from the left (0-2, 48th).

The turning point of the match was perhaps ultimately this duel won by the Chilean goalkeeper in front of the French international in the 71st minute. Because in the process, the former Parisian Kadidiatou Diani launched a crazy sequence by tearing herself into the area (1-2, 80th). Melchie Dumornay equalized with a splendid shot from the right (2-2, 85th).

Then, a few moments later, Amel Majri performed a superb body feint at the entrance to the area before unleashing a perfect shot from the left (3-2, 86th). Enough to allow Fenottes to finish the match with a smile, while the return leg in the capital between the two biggest enemies of France promises to be daunting.

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