Without alcohol: Three drinks that activate body and mind

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Zero alcohol levels: these alcohol-free drinks reinvent the high with active botanicals

Active plant substances instead of alcohol – the new, healthy high.

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Drinks without alcohol don’t have to be boring, they can also have effects on body and mind – the right plant substances make it possible. star-Expert Ilona from thetastebar.de presents her activating favourites.

With the rise of non-alcohol drinks, an exciting new beverage category is emerging: non-alcoholic drinks with impact. The British company Three Spirit is a leader in this field. In cooperation with botanists, sophisticated drinks with natural herbal substances have been created that have positive effects on body and mind. For example, they should improve mood or relax before going to bed.

Livener, the “party starter”

… with fresh aromas of watermelon, pomegranate and hibiscus. The Siberian ginseng gives it a fiery note that burns pleasantly and also increases stamina and libido. Other powerful ingredients include Amazonian guayusa, which is packed with natural caffeine that wakes you up. The adaptogenic schisandra berry also helps reduce stress.

Tip: mix it up Livener with sparkling wine or tonic to create an energetic aperitif to start the night.

Social Elixir, the herbal mood enhancer

… the rich yet soft Social Elixir is gently sweetened with agave nectar and has deeper notes of raw cacao, passion flower and cumin. Add to that the powerful Lion’s Hat Mushroom, which helps focus the mind and reduce stress, and the natural aphrodisiac Damiana, which improves mood and induces a flirtatious feeling. Yerba mate and green tea also provide energy during the evening.

Tip: Social Elixir tastes great with ginger beer or tonic water.

Nightcap, the woody dream maker

… tastes warm and slightly spicy with melon hops, liquorice and ginger. In addition, he is stuck nightcap full of relaxing ingredients like valerian root, lemon balm and the adaptogenic ashwagandha. It’s the drink to enjoy before bed to relax your mind. It prepares you for a good night’s sleep.

Tip: Nightcap is best drunk neat on ice, but can also be mixed with tonic.


Ilona is the co-founder of the non-alcoholic online shop thetastebar.de, which specializes in hand-picked non-alcoholic beverages. For the star the expert presents her highlights.

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Three Spirit uses only the highest quality ingredients to create their three unique drinks, Livener, Social Elixir and Nightcap. The products are 100 percent natural, vegan, and gluten-free, but due to the high concentration of active botanicals, they are not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

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All drinks presented in the “Zero Permille” series were selected and tasted by the editors. They are only recommended if they meet our quality standards.

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