With the legalization of CBD have you managed to do without THC? tell us

“Pass pass the oinj there are people on the clothesline”, rapped NTM in 1995. Thirty years later, France remains champion of cannabis consumption which is, according to the French Observatory of Drugs and Addictive Tendencies, “by far the most widely used illicit substance in France”. Not only is the French weed market the largest in Europe in terms of consumption, but it is also the favorite illicit narcotic of the French.

Considered in the collective imagination as a soft drug, celebrated in urban culture, in hip-hop or reggae music, Marie-Jeanne can nevertheless have devastating effects on the brain. Sometimes it’s hard to get out of it. Some remain addicts for years, decades. But CBD has entered the legal market in France. From the same plant, almost the same taste and smell, can it be used as a substitute for THC?

Are you one of those people who have managed to quit their daily joints by replacing them with CBD joints? Has your brain emerged from the nebulous confusion created by regular consumption of THC? How do you consume your CBD? Does the fact that it is legal change anything for you? Has switching to CBD changed your social relationships? Improved your efficiency at work? How did you experience the transition? Where do you buy your CBD? Do you still smoke joints occasionally in the evening? If you want to tell us about your relationship with CBD, how it has changed your life or not, you can testify by filling out the form below. Your testimonials will be used to write an article. Thanks in advance.

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