With the “gorpcore” trend, technical clothing and hiking shoes are showing up in the city

Do you dare to wear hiking shoes to the office? Or even a raincoat in the summer sun? However, it is the daring challenge that fans of the “gorpcore” trend take on a daily basis. In other words, it’s about wearing technical clothing designed for adventurers, but in an urban context.

Kanye West, Drake and even Frank Ocean did not hesitate to wear down jackets and waterproof hiking jackets during prestigious events, such as Fashion Week. With no less than 2 billion views on TikTok, #gorpcore is flooding the news feeds of young fashion enthusiasts, proud of their technical look sporting brands like Arc’teryx or Salomon.

What started as a simple trend on social networks in 2022 is now taking on considerable proportions, even affecting sports practices, with many new followers joining popular brands. Hiking, climbing or even a simple walk are now practiced by millions of urban dwellers, with the emergence of numerous groups of young hikers across Europe.

A new Arc’teryx store opened on April 12 at 42 Rue des Francs Bourgeois, 75004 Paris– AlexTarinPictures

A style that leads a practice

“It’s elegant, very raw and sober, it speaks to me,” explains Nacim Saïdi (@nacimos_), a fan of techwear since 2018. Parisian, he does not hesitate to wear Salomon or Arc’teryx on a daily basis. “When it rains, I know I can take a technical jacket out of my pocket, and since I work in events, sometimes it helps us a lot when setting up, carrying, pulling, scraping. »

For this 24-year-old climber, skater and hiker, this style is more akin to a sporting culture. Even if he has indeed noticed the fashion effect of technical clothing, an essential pillar of “gorpcore”. The style, inspired by the expression “Good Ol’ Raisins and Peanuts” according to Salomon, in reference to the favorite meal of hikers.

“Indeed, we see people who have no ties to the high mountain world wearing our products and not necessarily for their primary use,” attests Stéphane Tenailleau, senior director of marketing at Arc’teryx. The Canadian brand, initially dedicated to climbers, quickly conquered the fashion world, notably thanks to the rapper’s music video YT – Arc’teryx. This inspired the trend of testing your Arc’teryx raincoat in the shower on TikTok.

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The brand sees the expansion of its audience as an opportunity to introduce more people to sports practices linked to their brand, such as climbing, hiking, or even winter sports such as snowboarding or skiing. “Our ultimate objective is to bring them into practice, because that is where we have legitimacy,” added the director during the opening of their new store in the Marais.

Everyone is addicted to rendo

“People feel a need for nature, for reconnection. We see this through certain experiences and initiatives, where we see more and more participants,” explains Stéphane Tenailleau to 20 Minutes. “Nine years ago, our workshops welcomed 50 participants, today we reach 500 participants and can reach 12,000 visitors during our events. » adds the marketing director.

A new audience who is as interested in style as in sport, as evidenced by Felipe, founding member of the hiking collective Afrohiking. At 28, with his outdoor enthusiast friends, they launched an Instagram page inviting people to join them on their hikes in Madrid or Paris, with a second collective called “ Fragile Hike “. Their two free monthly excursions sell out in just five minutes. Created since January 2023, the collective has enjoyed dazzling success and partners with others across Europe.

“Currently, hiking is a trend everywhere, partly because of the clothing, which attracts gorpcore enthusiasts,” confides the founder of the collective. Himself a fan of techwear, he admits: “I wear it every day, I don’t care, I wear my k-way even if it’s 30 degrees, especially in Madrid,” says the man from Bordeaux, who discovered his passion for hiking in the Pyrenees. Perceived as trendy and cool, hiking is reaching a new audience thanks to fashion and soon other forms of art. The Arc’teryx boutique in the Marais is a concrete example, with its versatile living space including a mixing desk and an exhibition room by the artist Ivan The Country. Likewise, the collective of hikers Afrohiking plans to organize hikes associated with music this summer. More accessible with hiking collectives springing up all over Europe, encouraging young people to explore nature, associating themselves with different forms of art and adopting a trendy style, the practice brings together all the elements to become a must this year .

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